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 Harold Rayford, Director

(845) 527-0354

 Mike Fields, Asst. Dir.

(845) 401-3962

 Brian Sughrim, Coach

(845) 391-4094

 Earl Butler Jr, Coach

(845) 787-8366

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13 Under Boys (East)
     Head Coach - Jamel Foster                                    Asst. Coach - Daryl Sullivan
                              Bernard Brown                    Aasim Sullivan
                              Anthony Salmon                 Jarves Evans
                              Calvin Crawford                  Elijah Gh'rael
                              Jack Dwyer                        Dariele Jefferson
                              Michael Coffey                   Malcolm Jackson
                              Tarik Boyd                         Dean Grinder
                              Sean Bolding 
13 Under Boys (West)
     Head Coach - Willie Coleman                                    Asst. Coach - Harold Rayford
                              Anthony Dubose                 Kyle Robinson
                              Luke Pena                          Chris Andre
                              Zack Sakadelis                   Ian Schupp
                              Kevin carr                          Eoghan Rich
                              Isaiah Matos                      Isaiah Tallie
                              Tradell Motley                    Cyron McNair
                              Tyler Wilson                      
14 Under Boys
     Head Coach - Mike Fields                                    Asst. Coach - Harold Rayford
                              Patrick Joyner                     Donovan Fields
                              Dominique Jacobs               Semaj Reed
                              James Lentini                     Terell Duck
                              Aaron Johnson                    Nigel Elmore
                              Shane Rightmeyer               Zachary Bouton
                              Kiaje Paulk                        Felix Riascos
                              Donchevell Nugent             
15 Under Boys
     Head Coach - Earl Butler Jr.                                    Asst. Coach - Justin Rutty 
                              Jonte Rutty                         Antoine Polk
                              Dayvonta Fareed                  George davis
                              Markel Lunsford                   Tyler Pack
                              Eric Motley                          Fredrick Whitted
                              Aagib Majeed                      Stephen Hopper
                              Marcus Davis                           
17 Under Boys (East)
     Head Coach - Harold Rayford                                    Asst. Coach - Brian Sughrim 
                              Donte Brown                       James McDaniel
                              Raymar Davis                      Myron Johnson
                              Brian Sughrim Jr.                 Brandon Clark
                              Khalid Miles                        Max Taylor
                              Anthony Cleanthony            Ryan Rhomes
15 Under Girls
     Head Coach - Brian Sughrim                                    Asst. Coach - Harold Rayford
                              Amanda Sanabria                 Ashley Tirado
                              Ashlynne O'brien                  Diamond Fennell
                              Roldan                                Jennifer Mitchell
                              Kenisha Lawrence                 Raven Rivera
                              Tara Bryant                         Tyaria Stevens
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The purpose of the Newburgh Zion Lions, Inc. is to help advance and empower the inner city youth by initiating and improving opportunities for boys and girls basketball through competition. We believe that all young people are endowed with talents that can be maximized through hard work, perseverance, motivation and dedicated coaching. Using competitive sports training accompanied with educational endeavors, the Newburgh Zion Lions, Inc. strives to provide a successful program built upon discipline, respect, confidence, physical fitness, athletic excellence, leadership and sportsmanship. The Newburgh Zion Lions, Inc. is dedicated to helping empower our inner city youth.                                        



Summer Sizzler, Fall League, and Winter Chill are seasonal age group leagues for ages 5-17. In the 5-8 year old league, players learn basketball fundamentals such as dribbling, passing, shooting, defense and team play. Instructional games follow with teaching time-outs by coaches and refs. Both the 9-11 and the 12-14 divisions usually have eight teams of ten or more. Competitive basketball is played in the regular season followed by play-offs. Instruction by coaches/refs plus real-game play combine to provide a powerful basketball learning experience. Strong competition continues to dominate our 15-17 year old division. A competitive program at this level offers our non-high school basketball team players a chance to play competitively all year long.





Each year the Newburgh Zion Lions’ supports eight to twelve AAU traveling teams. These teams play at the most competitive level of youth basketball, traveling throughout the Northeast to tournaments. For the last several years, our teams have qualified for the AAU Nationals. AAU tournaments offer our players the opportunity to elevate their level of competitiveness to the top, and to be seen by numerous college scouts.





Our former players are off to a great start in life. Some of the colleges former Newburgh Zion Lions attend: Orange County Community College, Sullivan County Community College, Ulster County Community College, SUNY Albany, SUNY Cobleskill, UCON, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, University of Buffalo, and Mitchell College.

Many of our former players return to coach and ref in our various leagues. It is a clear demonstration of how the Newburgh Zion Lions legacy of supporting Newburgh’s youth, builds a strong community.




Our ongoing sources of funding include grants, donations by local businesses, individual donations, revenue from hosting an AAU tournament, and various other fundraisers such as coin-drops. If you would like to donate or get more information please contact Coach Harold Rayford at 845-527-0354 or Coach Mike Fields at 845-401-3962. Thank you. It is the generosity of our donors that allows us to provide a quality program for the youth of the City of Newburgh.





Email Contact Send us your questions, concerns or a friendly hello.

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Winter Chill